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Jacob Willow
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
I am born in London, raised in Kansas, found love in Maryland, and I am right back to where I started.


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Any donations are greatly appreciated.

I am raising money to visit Future-Luke back in America.

Commsissions are open also, donate here to purchase.

~Thank you, Willows-Adoptables

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    Donated Nov 29, 2012, 8:10:30 AM
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    Donated Nov 27, 2012, 4:35:12 PM
Hello Everybody, I wish you all a Happy Late Christmas! (Or Quanza or Hannukah or whatever else may be a variable here...)
Besides that, I would like to say that I have safely made it here in America visiting my girlfriend (Future-Luke)
Seeing as though this has brung up my spirits, I would like to offer all of you a gift from me! (And this is a GIFT, no cost c: )
I will make you a custom writing commission for the holidays!

Here is what I will offer:

:bulletblack: Character Dialogues:
Featuring as many of your characters as you would like (Must be your own characters, I will not add characters from television/books/movies, ect.)
Takes place in a set place/time/situation (Please let me know what!)
Choose a genre! (Comedy, Drama, Romance, Anything!)
Length (Do you want short, medium, or long? )

Ex) It was supposed to be a simple date...*phone rings*
"Hello? This is Lanie speaking. May I ask who this is?"
--short pause---
"Oh Lanie, this is Oliver. You wanted me to call?"
"YEAH! Hey Oliver, want to go with me to a new club that just opened up?"
"Um, I am underaged to drink. I'm not sure if that is such a good idea... so-"
"BUT, I am 21, so I can! Plus I look younger than you, so if they check my ID first and see that I am 21, they'll look at you and think you MUST be older than me! Come on, it's perfect!"
"Um... Lanie... that's not such a gre-"
"See you at 10!"
*hangs up phone*
"Lanie? Are you there?...
               Love you too..."
Okay Lanie, gotta think of a good way to impress your man...
*looks at himself in the mirror*
Are those... bags under my eyes?
What did I do last night?
Whatever... I gotta go pick up Oliver.
*Drives off*
*walks out of car and rings doorbell*
"Oliver? Are you home?"
*door opens*
"Yes Lay, I just finished getting ready, but honestly, are

This example is MEDIUM

:bulletblack: Poetry
Set from ONE desired theme that you choose! (Such as love, life, steampunk, narwhals, ect. )
Choose a style! (Freeverse, haiku, sonnet, couplet, ect.)
Anything I MUST include! (Anything you really want included!)

Ex) The Ramblings of A Mad Man- Alice's AdventuresOh Alice...
How naive your childish mind must have been to follow that rabbit.
Petticoat and Pocket watch amused your childish heart,
Whilst running past the the wilting trees, the scenery surrounding you, you never once had thought that your imagination had thus overcome your spirit.
Oh Alice...
Dear, how did a smiling cat not rattle your thoughts?
The pearly teeth that never frowned, the fluffy face that curled upon sight.
The cheshire's kind helpful grin never will be understood by older ages, generations years past will never see that kind grin you saw.
Oh Alice!
How do you find all of your joy?
How does one dream of impossible things becuase if it is impossible, how can we think of it?
We must have some reconition of an item to think of it, let alone understand it differently than how others interperet it!
Who knows....
The queens of hearts is not card but a viscous savage woman.
The pocketwatch still tells time, though it has been broken.
The insanity of one old man speci

This example is FREEVERSE

:bulletblack: Grimdark
I will NOT feature nudity/sex themes. Only violence and gore. I will also NOT use profanity.
Tell me which characters you want to use! (They must be yours, they may not be from television/books/movies ect.)
Tell me who is the killer, who is being killed, and the methods of killing/torture.
Give me a reason why this is taking place, and where.
Anything else that MUST be included in the story! (Let me know!)

:bulletblack: Hidden Messages
Tell me what message you want me to hide in the writing!
Tell me what style of poetry you want!
I will base the writing around your hidden message (such asif it were about love, I will base the story around love)
I will base how long the writing is on how long the message is.

Ex) .:Nightmare: A Dream:.Fainthearted child, dreamt nightmares from different realms, wishing to for once, wake up again.
Of all the dreams to be dreamt, nightmares occured most frequently... and were the most violent.
Resistance would not stand a chance, as for her mind had already danced among demons.
~Today, as an adult, she still does not dream of love,
Hate. The fear of loneliness.
Every second of night, overwhelming her soft head.~
"Mother? Why do I dream not of candy and clouds, but of mayhem and monsters?"
Only a mother could lie so blunt to their child to make them happy...
"Soon those dreams will leave. One can control their thoughts... what they dream."
This was only a lie to make her feel better.
Days had passed and the nightmares continued on.
An entire year had gone by. Depriving her of sleep.
Nothing would stop.
Gentle whispers couldn't wake her up from her misery....
"Right now, is when I will stop this horrid mess!"
Only her own words could soothe her mind...
Until daybreak, she laye

This is LONG, Guess what the message is!

Suggestions are welcome!
Also, If you are looking for a quote to put in your signature, feel free to ask me! I would love the supply you with some funny, deep, or just plain weird qoutes I have found during my life!

Thank you!
(Note me or comment her with what you would like! )

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